Best Side Dishes To Complement Your Steak

side dishes

Grilled steaks, chicken, and meat are high in fat. If you are going to eat them alone without a side dish, the fats could be overwhelming and you’ll find yourself bloated and full but not satisfied. See our favorite side dishes to give you more pleasurable experience as you and your family celebrate weekend through a barbecue party.

Crunchy Baked Eggplants

This side dish is very easy to make. The hint of salt and herbs can increase your appetite. And the best part, the eggplants are baked into perfection so they have little oil. How to make:  Mix egg, salt, and flour, add chopped garlic and holy basil, add 2 tablespoon of olive oil. Simply coat your eggplants to your base and once fully coated, sprinkle the bread crumbs and toast them in your oven.

Salted Egg With Tomatoes

Salted eggs are full of flavor and has distinct taste, this is a perfect twist you can add during your barbecue session. All you need is chopped salted eggs (do not smash them), chopped onions and tomatoes, and 3 tablespoon of vinegar. Just mixed them altogether and you’re done. The sweetness and the saltiness of the egg and add hint of spice from onions, help you to be not overwhelmed by the too much fat that comes with your grilled meat.

Arugula Salad With Cream Cheese

Arugula is very healthy and perfect for salad. This leafy vegetable is rich in irons, vitamins a, b, c and has flavonoids which helps lower blood cholesterol.  Barbecue party means a cheat day however still not an excuse not to eat healthy stuff that can combat the bad stuff you get from eating too much. To make this salad, simply take the leaves from the branch, add vinaigrette, and top with cream cheese. Yummy!

Grilled Okra (Lady Finger)

This is one of my favorites. Lady fingers have many soft and chewy seeds, these seeds have the vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. You just need to grill them and you’re done. No need to add anything. You can simply create a dip of your choice. I prefer to dip it in vinegar with chopped onions. It can also provide your barbecue with interesting textures and chewiness.

Grilled Garlic

If you haven’t tried grilling garlic, then you should. Garlic is a delicious essential spice we use in everyday cooking. Japanese love to grill them and considered as of their most favorite street food. You can partner it with a yakitori sauce. You’ll be surprised how delicious grilled garlic can be.

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