Grill Principles

Grilling Hamburgers

Grilling can be a tedious way of cooking your food but it can bring great flavor to your food. Grilling is not only for beef, chicken, seafood, and pork, you can also grill your favorite vegetables to add that smoky flavor you are looking for. On the other hand, if grilling is not done the proper way, it can make your food burned and dry. Let us teach you the principles of grilling.


The exposure of your food with a direct heat source is what we call radiation. Whenever you eat in a restaurants, you can see some grill marks that make your food appetizing. This is due to the burning process of sugars and evaporation of natural moistures which creates this effect. The heat caramelize sugar and moisture thus creating charred effect.


Convection is the perfect method to use if you’re planning to cook tender and juicy steaks. Convection could take a long period of time compared to radiation process so you’ll have to start grilling early. This is the best way to cook slobs of meat, the finished product will be a perfectly cooked slob, oozing with juices and flavors from the smoke. You’ll need a container to trap the heat but still allowing it to circulate. The meat should not be placed on the direct heat source but rather above it. You’ll have to turn your slobs of meat from time to time for even cooking.


If you want your food to be evenly cooked and still have burnt marks, we suggest to do convection grilling first then finish it up with radiation grilling for a few minutes. You’ll have grilled food that are not under or overcooked. Check more tips by visiting: