Is Grilling Healthy Or Not

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Not So Good News For Grill Lovers

This is yet the most confusing question I have encountered in my life. I thought that grilling is much better than frying because it helps eliminate extra fat. But there are research saying that eating too much grilled food can cause cancer. Oh no! They blamed it to two substances that form when grilling: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and  heterocyclic amines (HCA). 

There was a study conducted in 1999 that found out that the people who prefer to have well-done meats are in risk of cancer compared to those people who prefer their meet bloody. Eating well-done according to the study, can lead to pancreatic cancer.

How To Decrease Carcinogen From Your Grilled Meat

Use Aluminum foil and place it between the meat and the griller, this prevents burns that are high in carcinogens.

To lessen grilling time, you can microwave your meat until remove excess fat before grilling it. According to the experts whenever animal drip on the coal, it increases the smoke and PAH in the meat.

Marinate meat in Indian garlic turmeric rub, the properties of this rub reduces the cancer causing chemicals that into the meat while grilling. Another marinade you can use is the Hawaiian Teriyaki with sesame seeds. And the last but not the least, the aromatic Rosemary. According to the studies, these marinades have properties that prevents carcinogen from being absorbed in the body. Thus, preventing cancer from forming. Yehey! Good news.

You can also reduce carcinogens by chopping off the extra charred outer layer of the meat. The black burns mean high HCA, and they taste bitter anyways so just chop them off.

Drink fruit beverages. These drink are found with antioxidants that help flush toxins out from the body. Don’t buy the boxed beverages as they are full of fructose. Buy freshly pressed juices instead, they are delicious and at the same time save you from cancer caused by eating too much grilled meat.

Conclusion: Grilled meats are not bad as long as you’ll eat them in moderation. Minimize the burns by wrapping them in aluminum foil, it can help your meat not to be overcooked and preserve the yummy juices of the meat. And don’t forget to drink healthy pressed fruit juices to finish your eating the healthy way.

So do you find our this article helpful? Find out more ways how to eat healthy through grilling. Eating is such a pleasure but do it in such a way that will not harm your vessel, your body.  Hit subscribe now.

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