Have you heard of grilling your food by burying them underground? Sounds fun? Yes, it is fun. Some call it campfire cooking but we disagree because campfire cooking is when you place your skewered food and place it near the fire to let it cook. We literally meant burying your food underground.

What Is Pit Barbecue?

Pit barbecue is already forgotten by most of us. But did you know that the underground was the old oven at the time? Indigenous people used to dig pit and place their goat, beef, chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, corns, and many more and prepare them for cooking. They usually do this when there was a special occasion. In the afternoon, they’ll dig the pit again and let everyone gets their share and it’s celebration time.

How Its Done?

  1. Dig a pit according to the number of food you’re planning to cook.
  2.  Place stones to until the soil is fully covered. Add the wood and set the fire!
  3. Add another set of stones to protect your food from burning. You’ll know it’s good to go when you can see the steam.
  4. Thoroughly cover your food with leaves and add cloth to protect them from the soil and from burning. Place them to the hot pit.
  5. Bury them.
  6. The last step requires patience, you’ll have to wait for 5 or more hours.
  7. Open the gift and chow!

Conclusion: You can try pit barbecue just make sure you follow the correct process to get the yummy results. It’s a gift from Mother Earth and we should never forget that the things we enjoy are coming from her generosity to human kind. If you don’t have a backyard or a place to try this but still want to know the difference between the normal barbecue and pit barbecue, you can visit these restaurants: www.thepit-raleigh.comwww.dickeys.com, and www.thebarbecuepitrestaurant.com.